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Learn About Writing RFPs for E-Discovery Services

Drafting a request for proposal for e-discovery services is not high up on my list of things I enjoy doing. It’s often a challenge putting into words what your case team needs for either a specific case or for general preferred vendor pricing. Having been on the service provider side, too, it’s equally as challenging responding to a request for proposal since they normally are not written the same way your “Standard Pricing” is outlined. The goal of any RFP is to be able to compare “apples to apples” and “oranges to oranges.” Here is a video a found this morning that aims to teach how to write an RFP so that you meet that objective.


Learn About E-Discovery Productions

I can’t stress the importance of this phase of your litigation project. The document production is where any flaws in your process and workflow will become painfully apparent. Here are a few resources for making sure you and your e-discovery team get this right:

VIDEOS: Production

EDRM.net: Production Standards 
Incoming Productions
Native Productions: One | Two | Three

Software Example: Not an endorsement… they just happened to have a demo available on YouTube